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Hi I find your website and saw the pupps. I´m looking for a Brabancon bitct too my kennel. You can take a look at my website. Best regards Cathrine
2009 07 09 - 19:01:13

stephanie fiske
have been looking at your pictures very nice. i am looking for a puppy bitch to buy to show. how much would the price be to import to the uk please.

2009 05 26 - 13:12:04

Sandra Dekker
Hello Gediminas and familiy,
I see my Tutu is going to have grandchildren at your kennel. I hope the litter will be healthy and gorgeous!
2009 03 27 - 08:55:58

Hello! Since I came to your site and be glad you looked Griffon! They are very beautiful. I wish you prosperity and good luck on the show! We will be glad to see you on my web page:)

Best regerds, Tatyana
kennel "Russisch Geist"
2009 02 22 - 14:45:13

I`m always happy when I found website with Griffon....
You have lovely dogs! Congratulations to your good showresults!
Keep up your good woork!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards Eilèen, Norway.
2008 12 21 - 20:12:57

AS always I really enjoyed all your pictures of beautiful dogs !
Merry Christmas & Happy new 2009 from Griffons in Sweden.
2008 12 08 - 11:48:40

Dear Griffon lowers, You are welcome to leave messages in our guestbook. Hope you like our website. Mieli grifonų mylėtojai, nuo šiol galite palikti žinutę svečių knygoje.
2008 12 07 - 18:52:49

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